Inuyasha Episode 15

2. Sep 2020

This episode was mostly about the killer/doctor multiple personality guy. The fact that he can’t kill those kids is kinda getting old. Both Kikiyo and Sesshoumaru are headed in the same place and given that they have a similar attitude I feel that they would have more chemistry than I imagine her and Inuyasha had.

Inuyasha Episode 114

2. Sep 2020

This was a good episode. Koga actually had to use some tactics and the band of seven, even that tank guy got some character development. Renketsu, the fake priest seems to be the best of the band of seven and that handsome gay guy seems to have taken Kagura’s place for the most part. Next episode there is going to be a battle involving Sesshoumaru whom I like. It’s always funny to see a lecher not get his way. Poor Hoshisama. Makes you feel sorry for the lecher lol. Koga hasn’t gotten a powerup since he got the sacred jewel shards in his legs. I hope it stays this way because it is more fun when the characters don’t get powerups but still have to beat more powerful enemies.


5. Dec 2006